Granite State Credit Union

Concord, NH

Granite State Credit Union contacted New England Soundproofing regarding the reception area.  This area is a large space with high ceilings, hard wall surfaces and ceramic floors with 2 small areas with industrial carpeting.

During New England Soundproofing’s visit it was very noticeable that the reverberation was very high, when you have a high reverberation it will affect the speech intelligibility.

New England Soundproofing calculated the reverberation of the room according to the cubic feet of the room and the make-up of the walls, floor and walls.

In order to reduce the reverberation time down to the recommendation New England Sound Proofing strategically installed Reverb Acoustical Panels on the walls and or ceiling, this will reduce the reverberation time down 

Because of the wall space availability to install the REVRB Acoustical Panels and the design restrictions, New England Soundproofing recommended installing REVRB Acoustical Panels Traditional Series.