Traditional Series

Most Cost-Effective Acoustical Treatment!

Our REVRBTM Traditional Series is a cost-effective alternative to our REVRBTM Designer Series acoustical product line. The Traditional Series utilizes the same 2” rigid framing used in our Designer Series, but is instead insulated with a new, lightweight design, allowing for easy installation in ceilings and walls. While the Traditional Series does not allow for customized panel and baffle features, it does offer the same acoustical fabric options as the Designer Series, including screen-printing, and carries a Class A fire-rating and a noise reduction coefficient of 1.05.

REVRB Traditional Series 2" Acoustical Panels

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Class A
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Walls / Ceiling

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1.0 lb/sf
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7 Sizes*
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*Custom Traditional Sizes can be made for larger orders. Contact a distributor for more information. 

Densities Available: 

All REVRB™ Products have a hard wood edge, this edge density is over 30 lbs/ft3. This edging allows for stability and higher longevity compared to our competitors' chemically hardened resin edging.
Standard: All REVRB™ Acoustical Panels come with a 3 lbs/ft3 core.
High Impact / Tackable: A 6-7 lb/sf3 can be applied. Please indicate what core you would like when ordering. 

Please Note: Because of the hard wood edging, even the 3 lbs/ft3 core density can withstand major impact without disforming the REVRB™ products. The hard wood edging allows the fabric to always lay flat, smooth, without showing any imperfection when the core is impacted.

REVRB™ Traditional Series Acoustic Panels are one of the most popular acoustic items around. REVRB™ Traditional series has been installed in homes, conference rooms, restaurants, schools, and even movie theaters. These standard size sound absorption panels are perfect for residential or commercial spaces to help reduce the echo and reverberation within the room.

Each 2” Traditional Acoustic panel is handmade in our Massachusetts workshop, using the finest acoustical fabrics and allergen-free insulations, with rigid hardwood edging for stability and product life longevity. Additionally, the entire Traditional Series carries a Class A fire-rating while maintaining a noise reducing coefficient (NRC) of 1.05.

Companies Who Trust REVRB Traditional Series Acoustical Panels:

Arkatechture Lowell National Park Porto Restuarant Reps Fitness Studio La Familia Restaurant
Rivers Bend Concord Middle School Boston Forensic Associates Home Plate Restaurant Tarbox Toyota
Tarbox Hyundia Teen Challenge New England Marauder Therapeutics YMCA of Woburn Wamesit Lanes
LAX Sport Network Boys & Girls Club of Woburn Affirmative Investments El Basha Grill Portland Maine Rentals
Cast & Pig Kitchen Little Creek Animal Hospital