Carrie Nation

Boston, MA

Carrie Nation is a true Boston bar. Located in the heart of the city and frequented by businessmen and college students alike, this high-end establishment was having trouble managing the acoustical balance required to appease diners yet excite late-night patrons – all while fighting outside city noise. Additionally, the acoustical properties of the small space, while beautiful, were lacking: hardwood floors; low, tin tray ceilings; wooden beams; two solid walls of windows and mirrors; and minimal absorbent furnishings. The bar area was particularly susceptible to deafening background noise. When the noise complaints started pouring in from both customers and employees, management knew the issue had to be addressed, but they also knew they didn’t want visible soundproofing materials interfering with their carefully-crafted décor. So as not to detract from the gorgeous Boston Brahmin speakeasy style, we designed and installed REVRB™ Acoustical Panels, adorned with elegant crown molding on the ceiling around the bar and in the dining room, for a seamlessly polished finish. And the results are not only aesthetically perfect; management has since continuously received only wonderful feedback from happy employees and customers.