Legal Sea Foods Garden City

Cranston, RI

Legal Sea Foods is a fun, casual seafood restaurant located in the updated Garden City Center in Cranston, Rhode Island. Legal renovated the space to bring a modern, updated feel to the restaurant adding in REVRB Acoustical panels to the ceiling and walls to decrease the noise and increase the decor.

"What attracts dining baby boomers, Generation Xers and millennials differs", Berkowitz said in a recent phone interview. "That requires restaurateurs to take a deeper dive into analyzing an area and planning for a new restaurant. Figuring out how the restaurant will be perceived is key to success", he said. With that, Legal Seafood used REVRB acoustics to make sure the noise is as good as the food. 

REVRB Acoustics are mounted throughout the restaurant, including a 11' high by 36' mural made by REVRB Designer panels. This acoustical mural uses a beautiful designed acoustical fabric to blend into the restarurant nicely. Other panels are hidden throughout the high 20' ceilings. Between the mural and ceiling panels, the acoustical treatment add a blend of design and comfort to the very busy restaurant.