Legal Sea Foods

Boston MA, - Charlestown MA, - Lynnfield MA

Legal Sea Foods is one of the most impressive quality-driven seafood eateries on the East Coast – and that’s a distinction that carries some serious weight around New England. When the owner of the popular chain contacted us regarding their noise issues, we jumped at the chance to help make a great restaurant even better.

With existing soundproofing panels still in place but proving completely ineffectual at the Charlestown Legal Oysteria, REVRBTM Acoustics representitive - New England Soundproofing - addressed this location first. They removed the existing acoustical materials and carefully calculated the reverberation time, collaborating with the owner to decide exactly how much or how little he wanted to reduce the volume. New England Soundproofing worked with management to draft a completely customized design for optimal aesthetic and acoustic performance, and then set to work. From our MA shop, we handcrafted each REVRB™ Acoustical Panel to mount directly to the ceiling, and swathed them in a fire-rated fabric that perfectly matched the existing ceiling color.

With a successful implementation in Charlestown, Legal Sea Foods asked New England Soundproofing to turn their attention to their Lynnfield Legal C Bar location. To mitigate the issue here, we again constructed custom REVRB™ Panels wrapped in a matching fabric to mount to the ceiling and walls. The Legal C Bar also has a distinct bar area with lowered ceilings, so New England Soundproofing addressed the bar area separately, increasing the number of panels applied to this section. As an added measure, they snuck soundproofing material under each seat, deadening the reverberation reflecting off the floor before it even had the chance to rise up and infiltrate unsuspecting patron's conversations.

With two locations having superior results, the restaurant group turned their attention to the flagship location, Legal Harborside. We fabricated and New Engalnd Soundproofing installed custom REVRB™ Acoustical Panels and Baffles around the entire first floor restaurant and bar. The labor required a week of overnight visits and returning the restaurant to pristine condition each morning, leaving patrons’ none the wiser to the intense yet intricate work being completed each night. Since the completion of the project, the only complaint the owners’ and management receive from guests is that they ate too much. 

Because the complaints have since turned to compliments, New England Soundproofing has received the honor of being dubbed the “only company allowed to complete the soundproofing work” for the Legal Sea Foods chain and we look forward to provide more REVRBTM acoustical treatment on the Peabody Northshore Mall location during their Summer 2016 renovation as well as on the Hingham Legal C Bar.