Porto Restaurant

Back Bay, Boston MA

When Porto Restaurant, the fresh new Mediterranean seafood restaurant in Boston’s Back Bay opened last year, the owners, like the customers, received a lot of noise feedback. Veteran restaurateur and co-owner Sean Griffing knew he needed to find a solution quickly. To reduce the noise through the restaurant’s dining areas, Sean contacted a local manufacturers’ agent representing several well-known brands of acoustical finish products. Together, they drafted a plan to implement acoustical panels in the restaurant over the course of two-phases. The project came to a halt after the first phase however, when the 1” acoustical treatments installed on the ceiling in one of the dining rooms failed to deliver even the slightest reduction of noise. Frustrated and skeptical, Sean contacted the agent again in an effort to go back to the drawing board and try again.

In the interim, the manufacturers’ agent had found New England Soundproofing and quickly realized he had just stumbled upon a perfect fit for his client. The agent was particularly excited to learn about the REVRB™ Acoustical Line, all of which carry a high Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) rating, fire and smoke ratings, superior craftsmanship, and complete aesthetic customizability. Sean then did a little research of his own, speaking with several Boston restaurateurs who had implemented REVRB™ Acoustics. He gathered data on their experiences and results, and was hard-pressed to find a dissatisfied client. Sean gave the go-ahead to install 22 REVRB™ Acoustical Panels on the ceiling in the front dining room and seven REVRB™ Acoustical Panels on the walls scattered throughout the restaurant. The results were stunning. Sean was as thrilled with the outcome as he was quick to admit that he wished he’d found REVRB™ Acoustics before he wasted time and resources on an ineffective product from an “expensive big box name acoustical company.” Hindsight may be 20/20, but at least we all can at last hear success.