Tresca Restaurant & Bar


Tresca Restaurant & Bar in Boston’s North End is still the place where Bruins legend Ray Bourque hangs out.  In 2017 a new chapter begins with Co-Owners Ray Bourque and New Executive Chef, Rich Ansara. 

Tresca Restaurant & Bar has two floors and 130 seats.  The first level is currently half bar, half dining and the upcoming changes are aimed at breaking away from the usual North End vibe.

They are converting the whole downstairs space into a casual bar area, lower portion will be renamed Cafe 77 at Tresca in a nod to the jersey number of restaurant's co-owner, former Boston Bruins star Ray Bourque, whose presence will be felt in the restaurant.

Behind the scenes there are two new owners, Bill Galatis and Peter Weber that have made some renovations and improvements to the bar area and upstairs dining room.  New England Soundproofing was contacted by Bill Galatis to assess mitigation options for controlling sounds from the reverberation noise within the dining rooms.  As is the space is separated in multiple dining rooms and bar area, because of the hard surfaces on the floor, walls and ceilings the reverberation is very high, because of the high reverberation when the dining rooms are full of people the noise pressure/volume increases making it very unconfutable for the patrons.  New England Soundproofing installed the REVRB Acoustical Panels onto the ceilings to lower the noise levels. Once the work has been completed, the owner is happy with the outcome; the appearance is seamless blends in with the original decor.  Customers can enjoy conversations in a great atmosphere!