The Trap

East Greenwich, RI

Aesthetically, The Trap was perfect, but acoustically, it was suffering. High, vaulted ceilings; oversized windows; a large, muraled wall as the visual centerpiece; and exposed hardwood through this small space all contributed to the bar’s poor acoustics. But it is a bar after all, and the owners definitely didn’t want to remove all of the noise, but wished they could soften the overpowering, high-definition echo constantly swirling throughout the room. Nervous to lose too much energy but knowing they had to do something, they felt, well, trapped. But the owners reached out to use REVRB™ for the answer. We first designed and constructed custom-shaped REVRB™ Acoustical Panels to hang above the entryway wrapped in a fabric the same shade as the wall color. Representitive - New England Soundproofing - then hung REVRB™ Acoustical Baffles, suspended within their stunning wood beam chandelier, and disguised other panels with intriguing artwork of the owner’s choosing. Additionally, we snuck soundproofing material under every chair to eliminate the reverberation rising off of the hardwood floor. Through these simple yet effective measures, we were able to eliminate the overwhelming background volume without interrupting the bar’s distinctive décor and exciting, convivial atmosphere.